Body Composition Analysis

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A Graphic Look Within Your Body


Stroke, Fat Free Mass, Blood Pressure.

Degenerative Arthritis, Sleep Apnea, Diabetes, Daily Caloric Burn Rates.

Coronary Heart Disease.


Body Composition In fitness terms, body composition refers to the percentage of fat, muscle and bones in your body. Two people with the same height and weight can look very different because they have different body compositions. So weight alone is not a true indicator of your fitness but being aware of your body composition

is equally important.

The National Institute of Health recommends that a healthy adult male’s body should have between 6-24% fat and a female should have 14-31%, and levels higher than this indicate excess body fat. Since muscular tissue occupies less space in the body and burns more calories while the body is at rest, it is always more desirable to have a higher percentage of muscles in your body if you want to appear leaner and be more fit.













Our Body Composition Scale

Valhalla Scientific is the technology leader in professional Body Composition Scales. Our Body Composition Analyzer Scales or Body Fat Scales constitute a set of digital scales which are scientifically proven to be the equivalent of hydrostatic weighing scales for the accurate determination of Lean Body Mass, Body Mass Index or Fat Free Mass while providing Percent Body Fat Measurements using scientifically proven bio-impedance technology or bio-resistance technology. Scientifically Determines Percent of Body Fat, Valhalla Scientifics’ Body Composition Scales, model G6 SmartSeries are digital scales that accurately measure and predict Percent of Body Fat, Lean Body Mass, or Lean Body Mass Index, and Fat Free Mass, all on a proven scientific basis that compares closely with hydrostatic weighing (99).

Printed Reports Include:

Percentage Over Ideal Body Weight

Disease Propensities and Related Risk

Total Body Weight

Total body Fat Mass

Fat Free Mass Total Body Water

Resting Energy Expenditure






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