Pick Up Today The Secret DVD !

You must believe you can lose weight for the best results.

The mind is a powerful tool, have it work with you not against you.

The Secret DVD available in our office for $3.00 ea.


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We are pleased to announce we now carry HealthWise Juices. HealthWise set out to create protein supplements, protein bars and soups that patients love to eat because they’re delicious. Call or stop in today to pick up yours today.

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All of the on-line Coupons we have out on the web can be bought in-store too. Just tell us what you seen that you liked and if that is still the best fit for you after the consultation then you can buy it in-house. Often the items people buy on-line are not what they really want after they see all the other options they have that might fit them better. It’s not one size fits all, we try to tailor each program to best fit the client, some people just want what they want, others want what will work best for them.


GET STARTED NOW! Fill this in and bring it into Sea Mist.