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Disclaimer: *Results are a typical or may vary from person to person 

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Christy I.
West Los Angeles, CA

Tracy is very thorough in her approach towards weight loss. I have been to other weight loss doctors who do not guide the patient in their individual weight loss goals. Tracy takes her time to get to know you and what you want out of your body. She has given me recommendations on my diet as well as exercise regime. She’s not just a “diet doctor”, she actually cares about your health!

*Results are a typical or may vary from person to person 


Sarah J.
Cypress, CA

I highly recommend Sea Mist Medical Weight Loss. I’ve already lost 29 pounds in 7 weeks, their staff helped me feel comfortable and answered all my questions and gave me tips and guidance to stay on track , their medications and lipo Den Ultra injections help me lose my weight very easily . I exercise three times a week. I am proud to recommend this place to anyone who want to lose weight. I also referred my sisters and they are very happy they went.

*Results are a typical or may vary from person to person 

Rene W.
Costa Mesa, CA

I have great results, my average weight loss is 3-5 pounds per week with 3 days a week working out. I love the staff very friendly and very  knowledgeable. When I called and left message for the nurse or the doc. They call back and they are very responsible for their patients. The clinic is very clean and peaceful and my favorite is the relaxing waterfall. The service is fast, and very low prices, they work with your budget. Highly recommended.

*Results are a typical or may vary from person to person 

Judy A.
Newport Beach, CA

I highly recommend Sea Mist Medical Weight Loss.  No contracts, no obligationt, no meetings to attend .  The staff is very professional and friendly.  I have never felt judged, they guide you in the right path. I needed to lose some weight and fit back into my old jeans! They helped boost my energy, get me on the right track and ultimately have made a great difference in my life.

This program is very  affordable! Very low price  and it works!
great hours – open after work & on Saturday. There are plenty of parking and they have w/c access. Nice location too.

I have referred a few people there and everyone are very happy that they went.
If you are thinking about weight loss, this is definitely the place.


Marilyn G. (pictured Below in our lobby)
Huntington Beach


*Results are a typical or may vary from person to person 

I have been going here for 3 months and have lost 30 pounds so far.  Tracy the Nurse Practitioner is awesome!  She is with you all the way.  The staff is equally supportive.  You can tell they really care about the well-being of their client.  I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about losing weight and moving on with their new life.

Marilyn G 3bbc









Laura B.
Fountain Valley, CA

*Results are a typical or may vary from person to person 

I highly recommend SeaMist Medical Weight Loss.  They are very professional, friendly, affordable and supportive.  They spend time with you to make sure you are healthy and meeting your goals.  I have lost over 40 lbs!


Melissa L.
Huntington Beach, CA

*Results are a typical or may vary from person to person 

I absolutely love this place!!! It’s clean and professional and they have helped me succeed with my weight loss goal!! Thank you Tracy!!


Jia F.

Anaheim, CA

*Results are a typical or may vary from person to person 

Sea Mist has super friendly staff with wide range of choices and affordable prices. Highly recommended. Great energy, great results.


Sylvia M.
Westminster, CA


*Results are a typical or may vary from person to person 

I highly recommend Sea Mist to all who want to lose and have tried and it is just not going fast enough. I lost 7 pounds the first month and I feel great inside and out. Dr. Guthrie is so sweet and really makes you feel safe and comfortable. So if you are not seeing results with the weight coming off on your give Sea Mist a try you won’t regret it!!! Thank you so much Dr. Guthrie.


Nancy M.
Mission Viejo, CA

This place is great! Tracy is very helpful she gives you everything you need to stay on track with their weight loss program. I’ve been on it for a month and have already lost 7lbs! The price is very reasonable too! I can’t wait to meet my goal!


Julie W.
Huntington Beach, CA

*Results are a typical or may vary from person to person 

Love this new clinic. Everyone is very knowledgeable and nice. Have to admit that I have always been a skeptic of the lipo-den ultra…but after three days I can already see a difference. Forty something mom of two.


Stacy G.
Santa Ana, CA

*Results are a typical or may vary from person to person 

I’ve tried everything you can imagine to loose weight. When I stepped into this clinic, the atmosphere was very relaxing. I love their waterfall fountain! I makes me feel like I am on a vacation! The staff is nice. Tracy, the nurse there is very kind and helpful. She is honest on what’s ideal for my weight loss is not pushy trying to sell the products. The prices are very affordable.

*Results are a typical or may vary from person to person 

Stacy B. (pictured below)
Huntington Beach, CA

I recommend Sea Mist Weight Loss over all the weight lost pills in the world. Why? Because I’ve tried a lot of them and ended up disappointed. I love working out and have been for years, but ended up at the point where nothing was working to get those last pounds off. Their wonderful weight loss programs really work, and are so worth your time. I highly recommend them, the personnel are wonderful and know how you feel. I especially adore Tracy, she has helped me to understand the weight loss process much more, and what it takes to maintain a healthy weight.

Stacy's Results


Tom A.
Sunset Beach, CA

*Results are a typical or may vary from person to person 

I have been on many diets over the years,  from ridiculous fasting to hypnotism. I am very skeptical of all of them and in turn have struggled with my weight most of my adult life.
After a recent birthday I found myself hopeful and motivated again to lose the extra 50 lbs I have been dragging around. I went to sea mist with my skepticism and was waiting for the unrealistic promises and associated huge fees.
During my consultation I found the program to have reasonable goals, sensible treatment and a very reasonable fee……so I gave it a shot. I have stuck to the program and followed everything they told me to do in regards to exercise, tracking my food as well as taking the prescriptions at the required times.
I have lost 32 of the 50 lbs so far and am totally thrilled with the results. I have recommended the program to several friends that have also struggled with their weight like I have. It is a great feeling to see my body changing and the huge upside is that my blood pressure has dropped down into the normal range.
I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight.

Paul F.

Been on the program for a year now and lost a total of 140 lbs. Tracy and her staff are friendly knowledgeable and always willing to answer any question I have. I’ve tried EVERY diet known to man and the HCG program and maintenance program that follows has allowed me to lose and maintain my weight.  I’ve recommended this to several co-workers and they are very happy with the program. Many thanks to Sea Mist center and their staff.

Jorge V.
Huntington Beach

+40, That´s what I wrote down in my goal when I start the HCG program, and I did it!!!. Today less than three months after I´d lost 42 pounds. Painless and fast, Tracie’s team know about quality in customer service and all of them are really nice. Always I’ve been feeling full of energy since I started the program, day by day I still feel the benefit in my body, it’s not only a physical transformation I got many health benefits, they improved my health quality, blood pressure is better than never, I don´t feel any pain in my lower back and knees anymore, Furthermore I am in great shape and I look so great in the mirror (self-confidence on top). Sea Mist Team are so patient and respectful, NP. Tracie is quite professional and nice, she has the perfect program for each, I highly recommend them. JUST GO NOW!!!













Nada S.

I wish I can add more STARS for Sea Mist Medical Weight Loss!!!! 5 Stars is not enough. When I stopped by Sea Mist Medical Weight Loss the first time, I was NOT expecting that I will lose weight. When I met Tracy, I felt so comfortable. She is Super nice, calm, PROFESSIONAL and smart lady with a lot for experience. She explained to me what I can do to lose weight with a professional way and she was able to answer all my annoying questions. I was not thinking to do the HCG first. After all the researches and the Medical explanations by Tracy, I noticed that nothing is wrong to do it. It is amazing to loose 25 to 30 pound in 2 months with no exercise when you are 50 years old, my weigh dropped from 157 lbs to 128 lbs and I am still loosing. HCG program is a MIRACLE!!!! I really recommend any one who would like to loose weight, just to stop by Sea Mist and talk to Tracy, and she will explain how it works. FREE consultation, FAIR Prices, PROFESSIONAL team, EASY appointment, No wait. My life changed, a big THANK YOU for Tracy!!!! . (Be ready to follow the instructions).

Hannah L

The first time I walked through Sea Mist’s front door was last April (2017) and I weighed in 171.5 pounds (I’m 5’0). TBH, I wasn’t serious about it for quite a while. I would lose 10-15 pounds and then fall off the wagon and stop going for a month or two and then have to start all over.

This January, I was finally ready. My starting weight on January 18, 2018 was 168.8 pounds. Today, May 7th 2018, I am 123.6 pounds.

Sea Mist is incredible. Their staff is extremely kind and goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable. IMO, their weight loss approach is just the right amount of aggressive, combining HCH injections with prescription appetite suppressants.

I am 18.6 pounds (105 lbs) from my goal, and I will update this review once I meet it, but for now, here are a few photos from my *journey*.

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